Network Systems Engineer

Carver, MA

Up to $100K!

The Network Engineer’s role is to plan and coordinate the design, installation, and connectivity network systems to ensure the stable operation of the organization's IT assets. This includes developing, configuring, maintaining, supporting, and optimizing all new and existing network hardware, software. This person will also ensure the stability and integrity of in-house data and wireless network services. This is achieved by planning, designing, and implementing local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) across the organization. In addition, the Network Administrator will participate with the installation, monitoring, maintenance, support, and optimization of all network hardware, software, and communication links. This person will also troubleshoot network performance issues, as well as analyze network traffic and provide capacity planning solutions. This individual shall analyze and resolve wireless, local area networks (LAN) hardware, software problems in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide end-user training where required. 


  • Create and maintain documentation as it relates to network configuration, network mapping, processes, and service records.
  • Develop and deploy methodologies for testing network performance and providing network performance statistics and reports.
  • Practice network asset management, including maintenance of network component inventory and related documentation.
  • Conduct testing and development of disaster recovery plans to detect faults, minimize malfunctions and back up systems as it relates to network functionality.
  • Design and deploy company LANs, WANs, and WLANs, including routers, switches, and other network devices.
  • Conduct research on network products, services, protocols, and standards to remain abreast of developments in the networking industry in support of network procurement and development efforts.
  • Oversee new and existing equipment, hardware, and software upgrades relating to network equipment.
  • Plan and implement any improvement, modification, or replacement or network infrastructure components.
  • Where necessary, liaise with equipment vendors during installations and hardware performance issues.
  • Design and deploy enterprise-class wireless networks, including access points, servers, routers, switches, and other hardware.
  • Receive, prioritize, and respond to incoming work orders, calls, and/or emails regarding equipment and/or connectivity problems.
  • Accurately document instances of software or hardware failure, repair, installation, and removal or other work request.
  • Manage and ensure optimal operation of all network hardware and equipment.


  • Advanced knowledge of networking systems, protocols, software and technologies including but not limited to routers, switches, load balancers and WAN technologies.
  • Thorough understanding of WAN/LAN/DMZ/etc, VPN’s, TCP/IP, DNS, VLANs, etc. in a distributed environment.
  • Experience with Cisco ASA firewall clusters, Cisco firewalls.
  • Knowledge of IP traffic flow, protocol analysis, capturing and monitoring of live traffic streams.
  • Any Cisco certifications is a plus

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